Dr. Juan Remos of the Wellness Institute of the Americas

Dr. Juan Remos introduces the Wellness Institute of the Americas (http://wellnessinstituteoftheamericas.com). The institute, located in Miami, is one of the leading medical centers for anti-aging and wellness treatments in the United States. Dr. Remos, its Medical Director, administers the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging treatments and preventative medicine.

For more information contact the Wellness Institute of the Americas at (786) 899-2048

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Wellness Clinic Houston


Houston Wellness Clinic

4545 Post Oak Place #120

Houston TX 77027

(713) 808-9058

Houston Wellness Clinic: Using the perfect mix of science & nature, our wellness center specializes in IV Therapy, Cancer Treatments, Anti-Aging, Chelation, Hormones, HCG Diet.

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Testimonial - Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, San Jose Costa Rica

www.AntiAgeCR.com - Another recent testimonial from a patient that came to the clinic with various sports related injuries. Doctors in the US were treating him with pain killers due to severe pain. Dr. Leslie Mesen of the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in San Jose Costa Rica placed him on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to increase levels based on extensive blood work. Most of the patient's pain no longer exists and pain medication is no longer required.

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enVy, the Anti-Aging/ Wellness Pillow is now portable.... Sleep with the best at home and away!

Instructional video about the enVy pillow line .... Sleeping with the best at home is one thing... but sleeping while on the road is a "must have"!

Here are all the features and benefits of enVy. Sleep in perfect spinal alignment and off your face home and away!

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Skin Care Game Plan *Exclusive* by Dermatologist Dr. Z (Zmd Skin Care)

Dr. Ann Zedlitz or Dr. Z, guest on WBRZ. Dr. Z tells us about getting a "Skin Game Plan". Dr. Z uses revolutionary technology to analyze her patients skin and the best way to cater to each individual need. Dr. Z can help many conditions including but not exclusive to: acne, wrinkles, skin discoloration, skin damage, sun and UV damage, and skin pigmentation.

Ann Zedlitz M.D. is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center and runs the...

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Allure Wellness Clinic Atlanta

Allure is a Wellness Clinic in the Atlanta Area. We specialize in anti-aging products, weight loss, and medical aesthetics.

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My Health and Wellness-Anti Aging Ingredients

Summit Day Spa discusses the best anti-again products.

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From: myhealthandwellness

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Review: NIVEA Anti-Age White Firming Body Serum SPF33 - Q10 & Soy

NIVEA Anti-Age White Firming Body Serum SPF33 is specially developed for dull damaged and premature aged skin caused by ageing and sun damage. The formula contains 95% pure Vitamin C as well as Q10 and soy essence. With extra light and non-sticky serum texture, it penetrates into your skin instantly to help make skin fairer and also help repair 10 signs of dull damaged skin.

Read Review: http://dayverampas.com/review-nivea-anti-age-white-firming-body-serum-spf33

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From: Dayve Rampas

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Red Wine Extract of Inter Pharma Company

Inter Pharma Company

The Leader in Wellness & Anti-Aging Biotechnology Products


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From: Interpharma Asia

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Anti-Aging for Hands, Neck, Chest and 'Down There'

Dr. Ava on a panel discussion about facials for women's private parts on The Doctors, as well as anti-aging treatments for other 'forgotten body parts:' hands, chest, neck, and earlobes. For more information, visit www.avamd.com.

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From: Dr. Ava Shamban

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Todd is an Ayurvedic practitioner, a teacher, a nutritionist, an herbal medicine specialist, the author of bestselling books such as Food as Medicine, and the executive director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. Apart from teaching Ayurveda – the Indian science of life - and other wellness modules via conferences and workshops, Todd practices as a clinician in Vancouver and has used his unique...

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From: The Ayurveda Experience

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Acai Berry Juice Benefits

http://www.acai-berry-juice-benefits.com Acai Berry is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. Important nutrients in it aid to lead a healthy life. Acai is loaded with anti-oxidants and well known for its anti-aging power.

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From: aboutacaiberry

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Peter Kahler from Oxford Naturopathics, Anti-Aging & Wellness Centre in Bulimba

For more information about Peter Kahler and Oxford Naturopathics please visit http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/therapist/4977 or call 07 3899 9155.

Professional sevices include Naturopathy, Live Blood Analysis, Pathology/Hormone testing, Computerised Health Analysis, Bio-Energenic treatments (Electrical and Vibrational Medicine), Scientific Anti-Ageing, Biological Age Assessment, PH testing, Medical Herbs, Pre-Conception Care, Sports Performance programmes, simple weight loss solutions,...

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From: NTPagesTV

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Natox UK: Richibrown Anti-Aging Cream


Natox is a Richebrown organic anti-aging organic cream that can easily erase your dark lines as well as wrinkles from your face. You can easily buy it online and improve your skin complexion.

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From: Mac Jenny

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Well, on top of the makeup and beautifying techniques the film stars, celebrities and other famous personalities follow some elementary healthy lifestyles as well. Here, let’s take a short glimpse on some of these anti-aging secrets formulates the celebs count on to work efficiently.

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From: NM21

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Anti-Aging: La Jolla Wellness Institute

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From: ZEEKMediaSD

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