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At-Home Anti-Aging Laser Devices and DIY Skin Care

Dr. Ava shows how you can rejuvenate skin with at-home laser treatment and natural homemade skin care recipes. Visit avamd.com.

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Anti-Aging for Hands, Neck, Chest and 'Down There'

Dr. Ava on a panel discussion about facials for women's private parts on The Doctors, as well as anti-aging treatments for other 'forgotten body parts:' hands, chest, neck, and earlobes. For more information, visit www.avamd.com.

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Natural Skin Care Recipes for Acne, Melasma, and Wrinkles

Dr. Ava describes how the skin care content in her book "Heal Your Skin" can change people's lives for the better and shares some of the book's secrets--including do-it-yourself recipes to get rid of adult acne and pimples, pregnancy mask or 'melasma,' and skin dryness and wrinkles associated with menopause.

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Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles Los Angeles

Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles Los Angeles


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Anti-Aging Skin Care for Neck, Hands, Chest

Dr. Ava on taking care of all your skin. Visit avamd.com.

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How to Tighten Skin Around Eyes with Pelleve

Dr. Ava demonstrates how Pelleve treatments can diminish crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes and take years off your appearance in less than an hour on The Doctors. Visit avamd.com.

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