Genie4Health offers Free Health Tips for Weight Loss, Energy and Anti-Aging

Genie Fuller, Health and Wellness Coach has free weekly health tips to show you how she has maintained a biological age of 36 at the age of 74.

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From: Genie Fuller

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Resistance Band Workout

Jay Bradley Knudsen, Anti-Aging and Wellness Coach shows us a full body workout you can do at home, using a Resistance Band.

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64: An Anti-Aging Formula that is Safe, Natural and Effective with Dr. David Orman

Dr. David Orman is the developer of Doc Wellness Supplement™, the country’s finest herbal anti aging formula. He is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator. Aside from being a formula creator, he is also a Speaker, Health Coach and Writer.

Dr. Orman is also known as “Doc Wellness” from his very popular alternative medicine blog, and other social networks such as 18,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Learn more about Dr. David Orman at or

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From: Aditya Jaykumar

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Stress Water Therapy is a new way of managing stress and retarding the aging process. According to Dr.Phillip Ledesma Ciocon, PhD, stress water therapy in a nushell is stress management plus water therapy equals excellent health. Dr.Phillip is author of the book - Being HaPpY&WeLL and a stress management anti-aging researcher and motivational coach for companies, universities, organizations, radio and television.

You can contact Dr. Phillip @ this no. 09333357273 / 6682194

email address:...

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From: phillip ciocon

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Health and Wellness Specialist Peggy Northrup - Health and Wellness Coach Peggy Northrup Executive Partner at Residual Edge. Peggy has a PhD Degree in Neuroscience and over 20 years of experience in the Health and Wellness in industrial. Also specializing in Anti-Aging, Wellness Solutions and Weight Management. So if you would like Peggy to help you please contact her at Residual Edge.

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The Millionaire Woman Club - Testimonial - Brynda Roche

Testimonial provided by Brynda Roche - Anti-Aging Consultant and Wellness Coach with NuSkin. Claim your free gift of the 7 Resolutionary Breakthroughs at

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From: Debra Kasowski

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Post-Workout Commentary: Mind-Body

Robert Henry, JD CSCS CPT, author of the eBook "Age Re-Defined", talks about the mental aspects of exercise, anti-aging, and wellness minutes after a Gold's Gym Venice late night workout. Check out Robert's blog and more at Robert holds 4 certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition, and Wellness Coach. He has been a Fitness Content Evaluator for certain major websites. Robert is also an attorney and a pilot...

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Start Somewhere Intro

Feeling tired and worn out? Join Dr. Debbie Ozment as she kicks off her blog. She will be discussing the challenges of life and strategies to meet them. Future topics will include art (topics and techniques), relationship issues, healthy lifestyle choices and many other tips for health and wellness.

Dr. Ozment is a Mayo Clinic trained Wellness Coach and is working on a masters degree in Anti-Aging Medicine. Join her for an adventure in wellness and longevity at

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From: Deborah Ozment

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Health And Wellness Coaching provides health and wellness coaching by Genie Fuller, Houston Health and Wellness Coach. For weight loss, anti-aging, complete nutrition and energy, call 713.702.6331 FREE health coaching session

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From: Genie Fuller

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Anti-Aging Super Foods

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Rania Batayneh joined us today with her picks for the best foods that will help us age more gracefully from head to toe:

• Blueberries- Healthy brain

• walnuts- Healthy hair

• Carrots- Healthy eyes

• raisins - Healthy gums

• yogurt- Healthy nails

• Water- Healthy skin (our largest organ)

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From: Rania Batayneh

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