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Why Some Raw Foodists Don't Age Well

There is a vast difference in the way people age even amongst raw foodists. People have seen raw foodists that have aged remarkably well and yet others look older than their age. Why is this?

BBC The Truth About Looking Young:

Preventing Wrinkles with Diet:

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep:


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Dry Skin--What Causes it, What to do About it

The skin dries out and wrinkles as we age. Any way to prevent this? Watch this video to find out the causes of dry skin and what to do about it.

Take control back of your health with diet and lifestyle changes!

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DEFY Aging! Silicon for Collagen, Wrinkles and Youthful Skin

What mineral can make beautiful, firm, skin that stays youthful and plump? Silicon. Learn how and which foods have the most.

Osteoporosis and tooth decay:

Silicon supplement rejuvenates...

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