Dry Skin--What Causes it, What to do About it

The skin dries out and wrinkles as we age. Any way to prevent this? Watch this video to find out the causes of dry skin and what to do about it.

Take control back of your health with diet and lifestyle changes!

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From: The Fruit Doctor

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Best Lotion For Dry Skin of 2014 - Get Smooth Hand And Body

Best Lotion for Dry Skin of 2014- http://www.skincaretrends.com

How To Get Smooth Hand And Body ?

To keep the body skin smooth and healthy, balance diet with minerals and proteins, endless range of dry skin care products have been launched in markets to help you deal with dry and blistering skin of hands, elbows ,legs and arms. You can use balmy creams, butters ,best moisturizer for dry skin and best lotions for dry skin for comforting inflammation on cracked areas and restoring the texture...

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Check Your Diet 2: Healing Eczema Naturally

Get rid of eczema by checking your diet. Anji discusses her lifelong eczema: a skin condition in which the skin becomes itchy and dry. Doctors say there's no cure for eczema and had prescribed her creams containing steroids which did little other than make the skin on her hands wrinkled. It wasn't until she started checking her diet that she was able to do what doctors say can't be done: she cured herself of eczema.


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From: Happy Healthy Vegan

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