Homemade Anti-Aging Night Cream | 4 Simple ingredients for Homemade Anti Aging Face Cream

Homemade Anti Aging Cream

4 simple ingredients

cocoa butter

organic honey

sesame oil

apricot oil

simply mix well all the ingredients

apply it on your face

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From: Health & Beauty Tips With Nisha

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Katie Duke - Ooh La La - Spa, Anti-Aging, and Wellness

Katie Duke, featured on NY MED on ABC and NY ER on OWN and Discovery Health Channels, tells us why she loves Ooh La La, Spa, Anti-Aging, and Wellness. She travels from New York to visit Dr. Jacobs and refuses to go anywhere else. Hear about Ooh La La's Difference.

Please Visit: kristenjacobs.com to learn more.

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From: Kristen Jacobs

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The Anti-Aging Guide to Aging Backwards: Learn to Age Well, Age Gracefully and Make It

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Proven steps and strategies on how to slow down your biological clock and even turn it back.

Maybe you've already had that moment the one where you looked in the mirror, and for a second you didn't know who that person was. We've all had that moment, and it happens more often after forty. In your head you are young and blithe, but something unnerving is happening to the outer shell. Sometimes it is happening ahead of schedule the alarming...

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From: Russel Gooch

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Novus Anti Aging Cream Hollywood's Secret Takes Over Miami



Novus has the best anti-aging skincare products ! Cosmetic surgeons have seen MANY amazing results from them as well as our own results! All these products will for sure give you amazing skin :) Please SUBSCRIBE for more anti-aging advice and tips from myself as well as cosmetic surgeon Dr. Willia Silver. Hope you enjoy!



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From: Novus Skin Care

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About Bioidentical Hormones Expert Dr. Constance Crisp BodyLogicMD of Little Rock


As a former psychiatrist, BodyLogicMDs Dr. Constance J. Crisp believes that what people feel emotionally affects their fundamental wellness. Dr. Crisp dedicates her Little Rock, Arkansas practice to anti-aging medicine specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy, aesthetic medicine, and customized fitness and nutrition programs for both men and women. She is a member of the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the American Society...

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From: BodyLogicMD

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Haas Psychiatric Wellness - Anti-Aging

At Haas Psychiatric and Wellness we integrate conventional medicine, psychiatry, and wellness services that enhance the healing process of the body, mind and spirit.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation with an individualized treatment plan.

www.haaspsych.com or www.integrativemedicalcenterofarkansas.com

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From: David Haas

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5 Best Anti Aging Herbs

These are some of the anti-ageing herbs that have been widely accepted by science as well. They help re-energize your whole body and keep it away from early aging. So, include them in your routine and surprise everyone with your flawless youthful charm and glow!

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From: Luccute

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Wellness and Anti Aging

How to live well and age functionally

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From: Kelly Miller DC FASA NMD

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Dr. Mignon of the Wellness Center in Tallahassee, Anti Aging and Memory Loss

To learn more about Dr. Mignon or the Wellness Center, please visit http://www.talwellness.com for more information and contact information.

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From: tallwellness

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NEOCELL: The New Science of Anti-Aging - LuckyVitamin Happy Wellness Webinar

Recent scientific discoveries about the process of aging have uncovered the importance of several critical nutritional supplements to reverse the symptoms of the aging process. Tim will discuss the central role that these nutrients play in reducing wrinkles, thickening hair and nails, strengthening joints and bones, reducing pain and inflammation, and increasing energy.

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From: LuckyVitamin.com

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