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New Anti-Aging Drug Could Increase a Dog's Life

Scientists who study aging are currently riveted by a group of 20 dogs in Seattle. The dogs, all house pets older than six years old, are early test subjects in a trial of a drug called rapamycin. The way the drug works is not completely understood, but it's been used for years to prevent rejection of transplanted organs, and in laboratory studies, it's lengthened the life spans of diverse species: worms, fruit flies, and mice. If it works in dogs, healthy human volunteers will be the next...

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#28.1 Protect Seniors from Fraud (1 of 5)

Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care® discusses scams and fraud and how to help your senior loved one from becoming a victim.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation lists several common scams that you should watch out for. They are health care or health insurance fraud, counterfeit prescription drugs, funeral and cemetery fraud, fraudulent anti-aging products, telemarketing fraud, internet fraud, investment schemes and reverse mortgage scams.

Watch the entire "Protect Seniors from...

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Metformin - Anti-aging Drug - Human Trials 2016

Recent progress:


Scientists now believe that it is possible to actually stop people growing old as quickly and help them live in good health well into their 110s and 120s.

Metformin may provide the same anti-aging benefits as calorie restriction. The world’s first anti-aging drug will be tested on humans next year...

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Anti aging Drug Metformin - UFO Forever 2017

Anti aging Drug Metformin - UFO Forever 2017

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From: UFO Forever 2017

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National Institute on Aging Anti-Aging Drugs PSA

First PSA to ever win a national Emmy

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From: Mike Gallagher

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Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products That Really Work! [Best Anti Aging Cream]

FIND OUT MORE: anti-aging products that work best anti-aging products growth hormone anti aging holy grail wrinkle cream best cheap wrinkle cream affordable wrinkle cream drugstore wrinkle cream best wrinkle cream 2013 anti aging moisturizer anti-aging products anti aging fellowship effective anti-aging drug store products anti aging products anti-aging skincare best growth hormone anti aging disease anti aging reviews Good Housekeeping anti aging serum skincare routine yoga...

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From: JoyceLozano19

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Kitty Wells - Nature's Designer Drugs for Anti Aging

Kitty Wells talks about Spices as Nature's Designer Drugs for Anti-Aging at the Personalized Life Extension Conference

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From: SpicePharmTV

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Chris Patil full Ignite Talk, Member Summit 02016

On October 4, 02016 at Long Now's Member Summit, Chris Patil gave an Ignite Talk about the promise of anti-aging drugs: "A Longer Now: The Coming Era of Anti-Aging Medicine". An Ignite Talk is a 5-minute long presentation format featuring twenty slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Find out more at

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From: Long Now Foundation

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Anti Aging Drugs Peptides Hormones Supplements 2015 An A to Z Of Life Extension Compounds And How T

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From: Lucy Warwick

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New Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Anti-aging Powers (J147)

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From: Kim Hahnfeld

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Best Anti Aging Supplements Product? - Free anti-aging report shows how you can look and feel younger naturally. No drugs. No side-effects.

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From: Good Health Supplements

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Best Drug store Moisturizer! Olay Anti Aging!

Skin type- Oily, Partly sensitive, damaged acne scaring

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From: Marie M

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H G H increase Hormonal Production: Regulation Support, human growth hormone increase

Listen as Dr.Joel Wallach explains this amazing anti-aging product.

H.G.H. Youth Anti-Aging Complex™ has a proprietary blend of amino acids, minerals and sea kelp, which make a truly unique product that cannot be found anywhere else on the market! Formulated to help your anti-aging quest to "Live Younger - Longer!", Youngevity's® H.G.H Youth Complex™ supports functions that may change as we age. It supports healthy blood sugar levels, immune function, skin, vision, brain function, and...

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