Retin-A Update ~ Results on 51 Year Old Skin After 9 Months

Apparently I love posting pictures of my aging skin without makeup so much that I'm doing it again! This time to do my Retin-A Update ~ Results on 51 Year Old Skin After 9 Months of use. I don't know about you, but I get tired of looking for reviews on anti-aging products only to find ones posted by people under 35 with no wrinkles! So if you want to see actual results on an actual old person,...

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Anti Aging Diet - Best Anti-Aging Foods - Good Housekeeping

Foods That Make You Look (Yikes!) Older

For a smoother complexion -- and better health -- keep these to a minimum:


Sweets and other refined carbs raise blood-glucose levels, which in turn increases the creation of AGEs -- advanced glycation end products. The aptly named AGEs take a toll on skin by interfering with the normal repair of collagen and elastin, a protein that allows skin to...

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Date: 2017-02-17 21:34:27

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Product Line Review: The History of Whoo ... -

Skin, Hair & Body Care Product Reviews , The History of Whoo

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Seol samples I used.

Happy New Year everyone! As promised, I am doing my Whoo reviews today, starting off with the Gongjinhyang: Seol skin brightening line. I was fortunate enough to try the entire skincare line (not the 2 makeup items from the line). Most of these lasted a month (except the peel off...

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Savvy Skin – Anti-Aging Skin Care and Acne Treatment Tips

Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Reviva Labs�is an affordable skin care product that promises to "gain and retain skin moisture." Used alone, or�under other moisturizers or face creams, it's supposed to instantly plump up�skin�and temporarily fill in wrinkles. Does it work? Do I suddenly look ten years younger? Read on�for my review...

A few months ago a friend of mine raved to me about a...

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Date: 2017-02-17 23:24:10

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Best Men's Eye Creams to Get Dark Circles Off Your Face

By  Matt Bell


The skin around your eyes is like that honorable, hopelessly honest friend: It simply doesn't lie. Thus it's the first place where men begin to show unwanted signs of aging - dark circles, crows feet, sagging. And it's where evidence of poor lifestyle habits quickly make themselves known (need we list them?). There's no shortage of men's eye care products to help, but navigating...

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Sleep Lines, Prevent Sleep Lines & Sleep Wrinkles ...

The SYLA is guaranteed to prevent and remove sleep lines, frown lines and wrinkles on the sides of your eyes and your forehead. Sizes S/M or M/L


7 Sleep Lines & Forehead Wrinkle Myths

For over 14 years I have been treating patients with vertical and horizontal lines by their eyes (crow's feet) and on their forehead. Here are top 7 myths that we know do not work to fix these unattractive...

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Top Dark Spot Correctors & Hyperpigmentation Creams 2017


$49.99 (1.7 oz.)

Pros: Utilizes over 10 advanced ingredients to fight age spots, melisma, acne marks, and uneven skin tone; paraben-free; fragrance-free; appropriate for sensitive skin; non-greasy.

Cons: Pricey; does not work unless combined with other lifestyle changes; some users noticed no effect; complex dispenser;

not available on Amazon.

Obaji Nu Derm Clear FX Skin Brightening...

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It's a Thing: Orchid-Infused Beauty Products | SELF

Orchids are having a major moment, you guys. The gorgeously delicate buds seem to live forever (Unless I'm taking care of them. Then they die in like two days.) and it turns out, there's a legit actual reasons why they're so strong -- which'll totally benefit your skin. Orchids are not only some of the most beautiful blooms, but orchid extract is known to reduce the look of fine lines and...

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