4 Tips for Younger Looking Skin - How to Keep Skin Looking ...

By Marissa Oliva

Oct 4, 2016

Experts say that some of our most innocent habits could induce serious damage to our skin. With these little shifts, you'll outsmart them all and stay smooth and lovely .

1. Get the Right Indoor Lighting

We know that the sun's UV rays cause wrinkles , spots, and skin cancer -- but now, news comes that taking shelter indoors doesn't completely put your skin out of...

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Wrinkle creams: modest results, some overblown claims

Wrinkle creams: modest results, some overblown claims

Wrinkles happen. And when they do, many women, and some men, start searching store aisles or the internet for a cure. While there is no such thing, stores and websites are happy to sell consumers wrinkle

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Wrinkle creams: modest results, some overblown claims Wrinkles happen. And when they do, many women, and some men, start...

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How to Use Retinol Products: Anti-Aging/Wrinkles: Skincare ...

How to Use Retinol Products


How to Use Your Retinol Product

There are mountains of research showing that over the counter retinol (more commonly known as vitamin A) is one of the best skin-transforming and rejuvenating ingredients. Despite its popularity, however, confusion lingers about how to fit a retinol cream into your skincare routine. Let us help you figure it out so you can get...

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Image Revive Serum and Face Replen Cream Review - vcmbc.com


4.4 out of 5

Woman are always worried about their looks, making all sorts of craziness to look prettier and younger than what they really are. The cosmetic/beauty industry is aware of that desire, always coming up with new products and treatments, all of them with the same promise: take out the effects of aging. Being pretty is not enough anymore. Hollywood Stars that are young and skinny for...

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10 best tinted moisturisers | The Independent

With a higher SPF (mineral-based, not chemical) than most other tinted moisturisers, this is great summer makeup if you have fair skin that burns easily. It also contains something called 'water-encapsulations', which supposedly gives skin an instant shot of hydration (without silicones or oils to get in the way), so dehydrated summer skin will look plump and dewy immediately. And after just one...

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Why are there wrinkles on my forehead? - Quora

Written 141w ago

The most basic causes of forehead wrinkles are no different from the primary causes of wrinkles. The level of hormones (specifically estrogen) decrease prior to menopause. Estrogen is the second best treatment for wrinkles (second to Retin-A).

As a result,  collagen production decreases and the strength of the elastin in your  skin deteriorates. As collagen production begins to...

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