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Why are there wrinkles on my forehead? - Quora

Written 141w ago

The most basic causes of forehead wrinkles are no different from the primary causes of wrinkles. The level of hormones (specifically estrogen) decrease prior to menopause. Estrogen is the second best treatment for wrinkles (second to Retin-A).

As a result,  collagen production decreases and the strength of the elastin in your  skin deteriorates. As collagen production begins to...

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Besides Botox, what products work for deep forehead lines ...

Written 75w ago

There are several different options besides Botox for patients wishing to address deep forehead lines. The first is Dysport, which is a type of botulinum type A, similar to Botox . Over time, as forehead muscles expand and contract they can cause deep forehead lines and wrinkles. Dysport works to relax these muscles and create a smoother, younger appearance.

There has been much...

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What are the anti-aging benefits of N-acetyl-cysteine? - Quora

Written 247w ago

N-acetyl-cysteine is an ingredient in my company's product, so I've become familiar with it in regards to how it supports the body when alcohol is consumed. I'd imagine a lot of the reasons why it's beneficial in regards to alcohol consumption. Specifically it's ability to help the liver function more effectively, and especially it being metabolized by our bodies into glutathione (which in itself is an extremely powerful antioxidant). So here goes! ....

At the end of the day, dealing with a hangover and protecting the liver from the ravages of alcohol comes down to chemical actions and...

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