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Skincare Routine: Anti-Aging

Follow along as Birchbox staffer Mollie walks you through a basic anti-aging skincare routine, which includes a gentle exfoliating cleanser, a hydrating toner, brightening serum, and antioxidant-filled tinted moisturizer with SPF 45.

When your skin concerns include fine lines, dark spots, and dullness, it's time to swap your go-to products for a few formulated specifically for mature skin. An anti-aging routine isn't about stopping the aging process; instead, it's about treating the visible...

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Sunscreen Tips to Avoid Sunburn

Everyone knows that wearing sunscreen is a must. Still, even the best of us fall victim to surprise sunburn. Make sure to follow this checklist of easy to forget spots to prevent painful burns. Whether you’re having a long beach day or just taking a lunchtime stroll in the park., they’re worth remembering.

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Why Your Skin Needs a Serum

I love using serums as the first step in my skincare routine. Not only does their lightweight texture make them perfect to layer under my regular moisturizer, but their super concentrated formulas are packed with good-for-skin ingredients. Watch to check out some of my favorite serums and learn about Birchbox’s new Splendid Serums sampler—aka the best way to find the perfect choice for your complexion. -xoxo, RJS

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Splendid Serums Sampler:


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