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Tips for Getting the Most from Your Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Routine Carrie of shares tips about getting the most from anti-aging and moisturizing routine by using Organic Sea Buckthorn Anti-Aging Serum.

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Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Villeponteau About Anti-Aging Therapy Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Villeponteau, a leading researcher in anti-aging.

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Coconut Oil in Your Pet's Diet Dr. Karen Becker discusses the importance of coconut oil in your pet's diet. Coconut oil is good for balancing good to bad bacteria issue. Coconut oil is also terrific moisturizer for animals with skin allergies, dry and flaky skins, cuts, sores, pets with thin coats, dry cut noses and other pet's skin problems.

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Coconut Oil As Skin Moisturizer? Internationally renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola explains that many products have soy oil and other potentially toxic elements in them and coconut oil is a great alternative.

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