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Anti aging treatment plan for aging gracefully - Dr. Jyoti Jha

For Anti aging regime first step would be consulting a dermatologist who can suggest correct skin care regime for anti ageing.One must include hydrating and moisturizing cleansers and a sunscreen kit.Night regime must include damage repair cream and multi vitamin nourishment cream.To release the free radicals from the skin anti oxidant supplements are must.For wrinkles and fine lines Botox will give good results by relaxing the muscles.For volume loss fillers will be effective .For advanced...

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Are skin tightening creams effective? - Dr. Rajdeep Mysore

Skin tightening creams are available as so many things, as anti ageing creams, breast firming creams, waist line reduction creams. But are these really effective? Why your skin is sagging? If your skin is sagging due to old age, feat under your skin is reduced. No kind of cream will replace that fat. So you will have to go for procedures like radiofrequency, along with another procedure called as filers. Fillers are used to supplement the fat which are lost due to ageing. Whereas people in...

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Laser treatment for Acne scars - Dr. Rasya Dixit

There are many treatments available to reduce the scar appearance and pigmentation. One of the treatments which is most effective is the carbon dioxide fractional laser. This safe and effective treatment is usually done under topical anesthesia. We apply the anesthetic cream on the skin and skin becomes numb. The laser actually delivers beams of energy into the skin, making the skin regenerate and get new skin. The treatment time hardly taken around 20 minutes. There is mild redness post...

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How does laser treatment fix skin pigmentation? - Dr. Tina Ramachander

Pigment lasers, one of the top most ones used commonly would be Q switched lasers. These lasers bombard the pigment into million little particles which is absorbed into the skin eventually. There are various conditions which can be treated with pigment laser and the advantage would be a quick, hassle free office procedure, from which you return back to yourself without any noticeable changes in the face and within a few days, you see the changes of the effect of a laser. The conditions which...

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Do face and neck exercises work to reduce sag? - Dr. Ashok B C

Face and neck exercises to certain extent reduces sag caused due to aging but over or excessive exercise will produce something called a muscle hypertrophy and this itself might lead to some kind of Wrinkling that occurs on the skin.

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What is thread lift treatment for anti aging? - Dr. Amee Daxini

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The new technology that comes into the Indian market are threads. These threads are wound around the needle and this can inject into the patient's skin and then take it off.

So what happens means the threads are staying back in the skin and the needle comes out. This thread is an absorbable suture and about 2-3 months it will get absorbed, but collagen that develops in this 2-3 months and that gives the natural facial look especially in...

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How to prevent lines and wrinkles around eyes? - Dr. Amee Daxini

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Lines develop under the eye has lot of causes.People who smoke, drink, late nights, poor hydration and constant usage of computer or reading for long hours tend to develop early lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Its very important to curb on these things and hydrate the skin.Use the sunscreen around the eyes to prevent early development of lines and wrinkles.


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