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Skin की Beauty. cosmetics में नहीं Diet में होती है | 5 wonder food items for beautiful skin

Beautiful skin does not need cosmetics but natural diet. This video is all about 5 wonderful food items for healthy and beautiful skin. These food items give nourishment to your skin. The wrinkles and age related problems can be prevented by the regular use of these food items,

Ms Pinky Madaan has effectively explained her experience and study regarding the skin beautification. The natural beauty is maintained by following her directions. She used Hinglish, a blend of Hindi, English along with...

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Pimple Scars and Acne - Home Remedies | A purposeful Beauty Videos in Hindi

Pimples, Acne, Scars, Blemishing marks, are enough to enhance stress in Life. How to get rid of the? How to clear the scars? How to get clear skin? How to have fair complexion? All your questions are answered in this video. The beauty outside is the result of beauty inside.

Ms Pinky Madaan has beautifully explained the various home remedies for pimple, scars and acne. She has already given around 100 videos on health and beauty. The various benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

In this...

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