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How To Get Younger Looking Skin Instantly At Home | DIY

Everybody desires a young, supple and glowing skin and guess what, fresh ingredients right from your kitchen can do wonders for your skin. Natural ingredients are power packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-ageing compounds that are super effective.

This face mask shared by Sabaa Qureshi is simple and much more affordable than the otherwise expensive anti-ageing lotions & treatments.

If you want great results then do this mask twice to thrice a week.

You'll need:

1/4th cup of carrot...

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How to Use Vitamin C for Radiant Skin, Youthful Glow & Acne Free Skin Tone

With the multitude of innovative beauty rituals that everybody has been trying out, the most popular and might we add secretive ingredient has been Vitamin C. And why wouldn’t it be? This power packed ingredient does wonders to your skin, if you’re looking for something that’s anti ageing, de-tanning and gives you a naturally illuminated look.

In this video, I’ve shared 3 amazing ways to incorporate this superstar ingredient in your DAILY beauty regimes to avail the benefits of...

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6 Great (& Affordable) Products For Oily Skin |

Oily skin is prone to acne, black heads, white heads and other skin problems and it is very important to take extra care. Oily skin also tends to be very sensitive, so it's important to follow a good skincare routine.

I have oily skin myself and these 6 amazing skin care products have worked wonders for my skin.

Here’s a breakdown of all the products listed in the video:

1) Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion : Rs 344/-

2) Himalaya Neem Face Wash : Rs 100/-

3) Nivea Sunscreen : Rs 278/-


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