Radiesse Wrinkle Reduction for Hands at Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Watch Dr. Donaldson perform a live wrinkle treatment for hands with Radiesse. This quick and easy procedure rejuvenates hands for up to one year at a time!

To learn more about Radiesse for hands, visit: http://www.donaldsonplasticsurgery.com/radiesse-for-hands-columbus-ohio/

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From: Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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Botox is one of the most commonly used serums to help reduce wrinkles and smooth your skin, but in fact, Botox won't actually help you reduce wrinkles but stops wrinkles from forming. This means if you already have wrinkles, then you have no chance of reducing these wrinkles while using Botox. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand will actually reduce wrinkles, however you will only reduce wrinkles for up to a year and a half and surgery could break someone's wallet.


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From: Jeff Benc

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