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Wigmore Medical Training department is constantly trying to improve on its high standards and offering of course titles. In 2016 we will initially offer 18 course titles which will teach delegates the various techniques of treating patients from head to toe.

We work closely with numerous manufacturers and always try to be fair to all concerned by using and illustrating the many good products that are in our industry. Whether it be skincare, Botox® or dermal fillers, our courses cover the...

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Non Surgical Facelift with Ultherapy New York by Doctor Andrew Jacono

Doctor Andrew Jacono reviews the newest FDA approved non-surgical facial tightening treatment to combat facial aging. Often called a non-surgical face lift, Ulthera utilizes high intensity micro-focused ultrasound to target the facial muscles called the SMAS and platysma that droop with age. When these muscles fall it leads to formation of the jowls and hanging neck skin. This video describes the treatment and demonstrates the device. Dr Andrew Jacono is a world renowned facial plastic...

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From: Dr. Andrew Jacono

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Bella Reina Non Surgical Facelift The non surgical facelift has quickly become a must have beauty treatment....the #1 reason...the results. The muscles lift, the skin tone changes, and fine lines and wrinkles get softer. It is a painless treatment that starts with lactic acid and ultrasonic microdermabrasion. Check us out on The treatment then proceeds into the muscle lifting phase with over 30 different muscles in the face receiving a "workout". The last two...

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From: Nancy Reagan

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Face Lift Treatment Hyderabad | Best Anti Aging Treatment India Blu Skin and Cosmetology Clinic, Hyderabad, offers various treatments for skin,hair,body and face.They provides treatments for non surgical slimming,injection lipolysis,face lift,thread lift,nose job,lip job,platelet rich plasma treatments,stem cell treatment,body polishing,Double Chin Reduction.

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How cosmetic lasers can reverse skin aging - Laser skin tightening - neck lift - Ipl photo facial

How to get rid of brown spots and sun damage pigmentation on face, How to reduce aging and treat face wrinkles, Non-invasive face lifting and non-surgical neck skin lift. Botox alternative stem cell derived growth factor treatment. Is Botox toxin Safe? other alternatives are safer like laser skin rejuvenation and collagen building treatment. Vi medical peel and skin stamping.

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From: Iman Bar

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Ultraformer - Non-surgical Face and Neck Lifting

Ultraformer is a completely non-invasive face, neck and body lifting and contouring treatment. It utilises Micro-Focused Ultrasound to contract and tighten the skin without downtime.

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From: Trish Hammond

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How a non-surgical face lift can restore your youthful definition in just one hour

Dr Nilu explains the benefits of non-surgical face lifts and the thread lift procedure we use at Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre.

Thread lifts don't require surgery yet provide an instant lift to your face. This treatment is particularly effective on sagging jowls, neck wrinkles, droopy cheeks, nose to mouth lines, and more. In fact, thread lifts can smooth out almost any wrinkle.

To find out more about thread lift treatments, call us on 020 8683 6730 to book your free no obligation initial...

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From: Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre

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HIFU Face Lifting and Skin Tightening Treatment

HIFU is a relatively new, non-surgical alternative to facelift. HIFU Face Lifting Machine uses ultrasound technology to penetrate deeply into the skin which encourages collagen growth and tightening of the tissue on the face, neck, and brows, creating a visible lift.

Depending on the patients needs HIFU can target up to three layers of skin, 1.5 mm,3mm, and 4.5 mm in depth.

Only 30mins treatment, let skin back 10 years ago!!

Welcome to inquiry the price of machine!


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From: Jonny

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Upper Eyelid Wrinkle Treatment

is the most common problem faced by every individuals which includes both Men and Women,You could find tons of skin care treatments , creams, lasers, But what is the gauranteed or accuracy level of these creams & laser treatment??

We have seen most of these non surgical Upper Eyelid Wrinkles does not respond to these treatments as these non surgical methods cant remove the excess skin/muscle/fat from the eyelids. Upper eyelid wrinkle and droopiness is mainly due to ageing,stress, genetical or...

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From: Dr Pentyala's Cosmetic Surgeries

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Susan Silhouette Soft thread lifting testimonial

Susan, two weeks after the non-surgical face lift procedure feels more confident and looks younger

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From: The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

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