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It's true... some anti-aging ingredients are actually hurting your skin while others can significantly turn back the clock. Dr. James Beckman offers news on the latest research!

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MidPoint | Nick Tate to discuss the latest medical news including

The Newsmax deputy health editor joins Ed to discuss the latest medical news including, anti-aging skin treatments tailored to a person’s DNA, a study saying you can be overweight and healthy, an experimental Ebola vaccine passes safety tests, smoking rates fall to an all-time low, football players suffer brain damage from even mild impacts, and a quick response to emails leads to work burnout.

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Diane Sawyer ABC News Anti Aging Story Dec 2010

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Diane Sawyer tells story of latest age reversal findings. Telomere discovery reverses aging.

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Anti-Aging Doctors Show How To Fine Tune Your Body Against Aging - . Anti-Aging Doctors Show How To Fine Tune Your Body Against you can live longer with more energy and get more sleep. New enzyme is able to lengthen telomeres--the markers of how we age. Two new product help lengthen and support telomeres. Over 8,000 medical studies have been done to support this science. These anti-aging products are now available exclusively at: Try Finiti and AM/PM Essentials from Jeunesse Global today...

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Anti-aging News, Anti-aging Newsletter. Get the latest and most cutting edge anti-aging news. Free

Video from a reader of Antiaging@home - thank you so much Nan!

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Dr. Brownrigg discussing Anti-Aging Techniques on CTV News Ottawa - Pt. 2

Dr. Peter Brownrigg, facial plastic surgeon from Ottawa, CA, discusses the latest and most effective anti-aging techniques and procedures on CTV News Ottawa.

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Dr. Juan Remos explains the truth about Super Foods and the Açai Berry on Channel 7 News

Dr. Juan Remos introduces of the Wellness Institute of the Americas ( explains the truth about Super Foods and the Açai Berry on Channel 7 News. The institute, located in Miami, is one of the leading medical centers for anti-aging and wellness treatments in the United States. Dr. Remos, its Medical Director, administers the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging treatments and preventative medicine.

For more information contact the Wellness Institute of...

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Anti-Aging TIPS | Stay Young and AVOID WRINKLES on FACE with Beet Root JUICE! | Beauty Care Tips

Yes, You can Stay YOUNG and avoid wrinkles on your FACE with Beet Root Juice! News Mantra brings you this amazing Anti-Aging Tip.

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NBC News on Telomerase with Dr Ed Park: "The Fountain of Youth?" - Recharge Biomedical TA-65

NBC News interviews Dr. Ed Park on TA-65, the latest anti-aging supplement that "...may prevent some illnesses and slow down or even reverse some aging."

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To learn 5 ways you can naturally enhance telomerase activity, download this free PDF:

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How To Look Younger! Best New Anti Ageing Serums - The Carousel

Beauty Expert Katrina Lawrence shares her top recommendations for anti ageing serums including products from Clinique, Philosiphy and Radical Skincare

A serum really is an investment in good skin. Serums tend to be pricey, sure, but they give great bang for their buck as they deliver such impressive results. That’s because this formulation style allows active ingredients to really penetrate deep into skin and do their thing. Which is why serums are particularly great for skin showing signs...

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