HGH: The basics- I inject it, reconstitute it, talk dosage for anti-aging and bodybuilding

We inject bottled water and REAL HGH. I train Marcus where to inject, dosage, how to use growth hormone for the first time, how to store human growth hormone, what needle to inject with. Marcus is the type that learns hands on so we actually on camera use the HGH and explain step by step what we are doing.

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice nor recommending anything... In fact do not do what we do it can lead to serious bodily injury or death. We are in vietnam where HGH is totally legal...

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An Alternative view on HGH Injections and Sports Athletes (Video 11)

http://www.hgh.tv/hgh/anti-aging-longevity/introduction-to-human-growth-hormone.php Performance Enhancing Drug Abuse, Don't Use Hormone Replacement Therapy unless its for legitimate medical use.

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Trans D Tropin Natural Anti-Aging HGH Releaser - Say NO to Artificial HGH Injections.

http://www.thedropsoflife.org Forget about the artificial HGH injections that are painful and known to cause cancer, instead use this revolutionary natural anti-aging dermal cream product called Trans D Tropin. The ingredients of Trans D Tropin consist of pure amino acids and essential fatty acids. Simply rub it onto your forearms to help increase your natural human growth hormone to the levels as when you were in your twenties.

Trans D Tropin is by far the most effective anti-aging human...

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HGH ( Human Growth Hormones ) Advanced As Anti Aging Product

http://bit.ly/RTdIgP Learn how the stars maintain their youthful look in their fight against the aging process. You don't have to use and HGH injection to see these kinds of results. See the click above for more information on HGH releasers.

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How to Increase your Human Growth (HGH) or Testosterone Naturally with Sprint 8 - Part 1

In this video, host Bill Farr, shows how to increase your Human growth hormone or HGH and in turn how to increase your testosterone naturally. I talk about different methods that will help but mostly the sprint 8 developed by phil campbell from his book, "ready, set go."

This is the most powerful way I have found to increase your HGH or testosterone naturally, more than any other method. I like this much better than taking injections or creams or pills.

This also is the best way I have found...

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Theories on Aging Part 1

Aging is a complex process which has a variety of working parts. Medical scientists and biological researchers continue to study aging in order to give humanity a more complete understanding of the mechanisms by which it occurs..

Read More Here. https://www.hgh.tv/human-growth-hormone-injections/anti-aging-longevity/theories-on-aging.php

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HGH Side Effects, is Human Growth Hormone Dangerous?

http://bit.ly/niacinhgh Learn about the possible side effects of HGH injections and the misunderstandings in regards to growth hormone itself.

Human growth hormone, also called HGH, is produced by the pituitary gland. It is important in childhood to help fuel growth and to maintain.

Before starting HGH therapy especially if you are using it for anti aging, weight loss and bodybuilding be aware that HGH side effects can cause diabete

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HGH Injections

Many people believe that injectable human growth hormone http://www.injectablehghsales.com/ is illegal but the reality is, it's not. Just like any prescription from a Doctor, there are certain criteria that should be met to administer. It is often used for growth deficiencies during puberty, or now as the number one growing trend against anti aging. This is because as we get older our bodies become deficient in producing this master hormone. Many people treat the side effects, whether through...

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Introduction to HGH - Human Growth Hormone (Video 10)

For more information http://www.hgh.tv/hgh/anti-aging-longevity/introduction-to-human-growth-hormone.php and to learn about how HGH injections can change your life

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Best Anti Aging Diet & Tips


Revolutionary changes have taken place in Anti-Aging over the past ten years. This book makes those breakthroughs available to anyone, in an accessible, action-oriented style. Begin a powerful Anti-Aging program immediately, regardless of your budget, or pre-existing health conditions.Access natural hormone balancing methods that do away with the need for controversial, high-priced growth hormone injections, while producing remarkable benefits. Learn about the...

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