Anti-Aging Blueberry Mask Sheet w/ Jeju Complex by Secret Nature - 10 Pack | Review/Test

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Review about Anti-Aging Blueberry Mask Sheet w/ Jeju Complex by Secret Nature - 10 Pack

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From: Perfect Men

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From: Forty Plus 411

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DIY Anti-Ageing Facemask

A simple yet effective DIY anti-ageing face mask using only three ingredients!

Brought to you by our professional beauty therapists and trainers.


- ¼ cup blueberries (crush with fork)

- 1 x tablespoon rice powder

- 2 x tablespoons Greek yoghurt

1. Mix greek yoghurt and rice powder together

2. Crush blueberries with fork and fold through mix

3. Apply to clean skin and leave for approx. 10 minutes

4. Wipe away mask using a wet towel

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From: National Academy of Beauty

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REVIEW/DEMO: Nature Republic Sheet Masks

Sharing my love of Asian sheet masks ❤️

A few things I forgot to mention in the video:

*Be care when removing/unfolding sheet masks from the packet. They are VERY SATURATED with product which makes them very slippery feeling. If the masks falls on the floor it's basically unusable!!

*Sheet masks offer some aromatherapy benefits as well. The lotus mask did have a soft floral scent and the blueberry mask did have a fruity scent (not so much blueberry, just general fruits)

*There is a lot...

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From: C Fizzle

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