Soldiers, Sanctions and Anti-Aging Creams | Mornings with Sixty and Me | 7/7/2016

In international news, the UK just released its official inquiry into Britain’s decision to participate in the Iraq war.

In the U.S., President Obama has announced that he will be leaving 8,400 troops in Afghanistan. The U.S. also announced sanctions against North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un.

In sports, Portugal beat Wales in the Euro 2016 competition and will advance to the finals.

A new report by Technavio, a market research company, claims that growth in the beauty care market will be...

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Scientists Rejuvenate Mice with Gene Therapy

Researchers have countered age in mice by manipulating genes.

Using a process called cellular reprogramming, scientists also tested the method on human skin cells, which appeared to act young again.

According to the study's senior author, their research shows that aging may not proceed in a single direction.

To revert the affects of aging, the team triggered an expression of genes associated with an embryonic state.

The method rejuvenated mice with a premature aging disease and increased their...

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