Health Benefits of Plant based Diet or Vegetarian Diet

Health Benefits of Plant based Diet or Vegetarian Diet :-

A plant based diet is a diet where you only consume natural foods which the ground produces. Therefore anything that you eat must be in its natural and unprocessed form whenever possible. Most raw food dieters eat their foods in their raw state, because they contain more nutrients than cooked foods.

Plant based diet can help in weight loss, Prevent Cancer ,...

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Reverse Heart Disease: Growth Hormone (HGH), Diet, and Supplements. It works!

The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic offers heart reversal, type II diabetes reversal, and hypertension (blood pressure) reduction diets along with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Apply a whole food plant-based diet program proven to reverse many chronic disease with improved body composition and other benefits of HGH, testosterone and other hormone replacement programs.

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Moringa Leaves & Pods Harvest + 2 Recipes

In today's episode we will harvest Moringa Oleifera leaves and pods from our Southern California garden and share two delicious recipes for you to try.

Moringa Oleifera is a super food which is loaded with vitamins and minerals, will give you lots of energy and vigor if you make it a part of your diet. It has also known to be anti-aging. Its a complete plant based protein which is an alkalizing protein. The human body PH is alkaline so moringa is a great addition to your diet. The two recipes...

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Lose 10 pounds in 10 days! QuickFX Weight Loss and Diet Program

QuickFX is a rapid weight loss program that forms the foundation for successful weight loss and anti aging. This amazing program, part of BodHD's first to market Super Food-based weight loss system called SUPERFX. This nutrient packed program was designed to not only jump-start your weight loss success and help you lose weight quickly, but also provide the long term benefits of anti-aging, brain health, and total body balance and detoxification. QuickFX provides your body with the highest...

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Weight Loss Transformation: Why a Plant Based Diet

Follow Pat's Progress on the Pat Project as he attempts to lose over a 100 lbs within the next coming months! You will have exclusive access to FREE downloadable eBooks and videos, where I will share with you my 40 plus years of experience in raw and superfood nutrition, training, hormone optimization and anti-aging strategies. In our first 30 day series, you will learn how Pat lost almost 30 lbs by following a strict CRON Diet (Calorie Restriction with Optimal...

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Anti Aging Foods And Nutrients That Delay The Onset Of Old Age

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Eating the right nutritional balance is essential of staving off the effects of old age

Here are some tips on the types of nutrition one should be focusing on

Take plenty of fruit and vegetables in you diet which have strong anti oxidant properties

Also take plenty of berries which have been linked with strong cognotive boosting functions thus helping you retain your memory

Proteins in white meat and seafood...

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