Anti Aging for the Neck - Exercise and Massage Techniques

How I exercise and massage my neck.

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From: Shape Up

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YOUNGER, Firming eye muscle PERMANENTLY with this workout and massage technique

Description: My Anti-Aging BEAUTY Soldiers, this eye workout technique, it very effective in building volume around the muscle of the eye called Orbicularis Oculi, if you this technique every single day, you will see results in few weeks, Start with 30 reps and then increase to a 100 reps..


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From: Clarisa Patterson

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Anti Aging Skin Care : Massaging the Face: Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Learn techniques for massaging the face with expert anti-aging skin care tips in this free beauty video clip.

Expert: Hollie Olson


Bio: Hollie Olson currently owns and operates her business in Vancouver, Wa. Celebrity Spa Services.

Filmmaker: Carey Bruce

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From: expertvillage

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Gua Sha - The Spoon Massage | Face Massage

Gua Sha is a Chinese technique of massaging which helps in curing diseases as well as exfoliating skin. It works as a great anti-aging massage also. In today's video Sangeeta Khanna will tell you how you can do the Gua Sha or Spoon Face Massage step by step. Follow the simple steps and don't forget to like and share the video.

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From: Sangeeta and Ishita

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