Vitamin Sonophoresis

Sonophoresis enhances skin penetration of vitamin infusions using sound waves.

Used with vitamins and a mask to treat dehydrated, poor skin texture and redness.

Vitamins and skin care benefits:

Vitamin A

- Anti-aging

- Anti-wrinkle

Vitamin B

- Anti-acne

- Anti-redness

Coenzyme Q10

- Antioxidant

- Skin rejuvenation

Vitamin C

- Healing

- Glowing Skin

Hyaluronic Acid

- Collagen boosting

- Luminising

Followed by a Water Infusion Mask contain Astaxanthin and Vitamin C

for Ultra-hydrating,...

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Molecular Hydrogen Foundation – Purative Active H2 Tablets

Interview with Tyler LeBaron of MHF at 2015 ACIM Health Conference discussing the health benefits of Purative Active H2 Tablets which produce Molecular Hydrogen or Alkaline Infused H2 Water.

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About the Product

• Active H2 instantly converts toxic oxygen radicals to water

• Active...

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Anti-Aging Cantaloupe & Strawberry Water DIY Infused Water Recipe

Learn a simple DIY anti-aging fruit infused water recipe. How to make cantaloupe and Strawberry water!

Health Benefits of Infused Water Recipe:

-Prevents wrinkles

-Supports heart health/blood pressure

-Aids digestion

-Reduces chronic inflammation

-Prevents dehydration

Live Infinitely fruit infused water...

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Detox Infused Water Recipe for Weight Loss | detox water | Nuoc uong thanh loc co the

Detox Infused Water Recipe for Weight Loss

Detox water is great for weight loss, anti aging, and cleanse your body.

Nuoc uong detox thanh loc co the.

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