NEW: Certified Organic Matcha Anti-Aging Collection

The Organic Matcha Collection is formulated to reinforce your skin’s natural ability to defend itself against damaging environmental aggressors by delivering a potent daily dose of antioxidant protection from Matcha Green Tea. Skin is soothed, enlivened, and visibly more youthful with the main active component of green tea, EGCG. Matcha, seaweed extract, CoQ10

and Alpha-Lipoic Acid reveal improved tone, texture, and vitality.

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Organic Matcha Cleansing Anti-Aging Antioxidants...

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3 Amazing Anti Aging Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea burns fat and is good for your skin.

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Top 10 Superfoods for Diet and Beauty - Part 2

Maintain a youthful glowing complexion with the second list of Superfoods to make you look younger by Nicky Hambleton-Jones. Including beans & pulses, pomegranates, green tea, avocados and yoghurt. Discover the anti ageing secret of the celebrity world and ways to prevent gum disease or protect the skin against ageing and UV light.

Part of a series of videos on anti ageing at

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Green tea, Green Tea-Weight loss

Green Tea for Slimming, slimmers,

Green Tea has lots of Medicinal benefits,

Reduces risk of cancer,

Prevent Heart disease and lowers cholesterol,

Works as Anti Aging,

green tea as an antioxidant,

Helps in body weight loss,

Boost your metabolic rate,

Green tea Good for Acne,

Green tea good for pimple,

Green tea good for skin problem,

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From: Recipe With Dr Shalini

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DIY anti-aging tonic lotion with matcha green tea and rose

Effective do it yourself easy way to make your own tonic lotion with anti aging rose and antioxidant matcha tea.

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Nubian Heritage Green Tea Shea Moisture Body Wash Product Review

Please watch: "Fit in Five: Easy and Effective 5 min Cardio Routine"




Nubian Heritage Green Tea Shea Moisture Body Wash Product Review

Olive & Green Tea Body Wash contains anti-aging, ultra-moisturizing and nourishing properties with green tea and avocado oil. Olive & Green Tea Body Wash is never tested on...

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From: Michael Jones

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Anti Ageing | Reverse Aging | Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Home Remedies

Anti Ageing | Reverse Aging | Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Home Remedies

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Benefits Of Flax seeds

Benefits of Green Tea

Lose Weight / How to lose belly fat

How To Use Ajwain For Weight Loss

Green tea for weight loss, Herbal...

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Youthful Skin Discover New You Supplement

Youthful Skin Discover New You-DVK Medicals :: Rejuvenating & Restoring blend of Collagen , Hyaluronic acid & Strong Antioxidants: Resveratrol ,Green Tea ,Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamins A ,Vitamin E and Vitamin C : Anti aging Anti wrinkle beauty supplement with Collagen: Hydrating Skin care products for Healthier and Younger looking Skin

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From: Amy Villeneuve Jenkins

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Anti Aging And Sun Protection: Arugula Kale Salad + Iced Mint Green Tea

In this cooking segment, Beth teaches the importance of sun protection and which foods contain anti-aging properties.

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From: Beth Warren Nutrition

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Anti-Aging Green Tea Facial

Hello our little avocados!

Have you ever wanted nicer, softer, younger, prettier skin? This green tea facial mask could be just what you need! We promise, it works! :)


2 Tbsp. Green Tea Powder

1 Tbsp. Skin Milk (or Whole Milk)

4 Tbsp. (or whenever mixture thickens) Honey


Apply onto skin

Leave for 15 minutes

Wash off with warm and then cold water

Apply your favorite face lotion

WABAM! You're done!

Good luck!



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From: Lihimui Puddles

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