January 5 speech to Pattaya City Expat Club about anti-aging medicine - Part 2

Tired of waiting for a magic potion that will make you look and feel 20 years younger? Hang on. Scientists have discovered what causes the body to age and are busy working on ways to reverse the aging process.

Dr. Olivier Meyer, who is a medical doctor, a native of Switzerland and a resident of Thailand, spoke at the Sunday, January 5 meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club.

His topic was about Anti-Aging Medicine. He said that the goal of anti-aging medicine is not just adding time to...

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From: Dr Olivier Meyer

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Instant Face Lift Serum! Age Defying NuLift AD

Instant Face Lift Serum! Age Defying NuLift AD anti wrinkle and anti aging serum and wrinkle cream

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From: NuLift Cosmeceuticals

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NEW! Spa Find Exquisite Eyes Eye & Neck Rejuvenator

Spa Find Exquisite Eyes Eye & Neck Rejuvenator ~ Revolutionary New Treatment from Spa Find

Guaranteed to be a hit with beauty addicts everywhere and designed to work on more than one area, Spa Find have reformulated their bestselling and professional Spa Find Exquisite Eyes Eye & Neck Rejuvenator.

Product Benefits:

• Anti-ageing

• Reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles

• Hydrates the eye area

• Traps free radicals that damage the skin

• Eliminate toxins

• Relaxes tired...

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From: SpaFindSkincare

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Nerium Reviews By Dermatologists And MDs, Nerium Cream


Nerium Reviews By Dermatologists And MDs, Nerium Creams

Medical Doctors and Dermatology experts as well as skin care scientists approve of Nerium AD (Age Defying)creams because their anti aging benefits are way above the norm for the consumer. These Nerium Reviews by respected Dermatologists trump the well meaning consumers and hypsters.

Now when you look at youtube or google for nerium reviews you'll find people...

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From: Terry Petrovick

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Jan Brewer Threatens to Sue Over Photo Used in Anti-Aging Ad

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is threatening legal action if her image isn't removed from anti-aging ads.

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From: Inside Edition

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Anti Cellulite Advertisements (Candy Rant)

Check my rant on anti-aging, anti-cellulite ads!


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From: TheCandyShow

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Silver Mirror Skin Tips - Antioxidants = Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging is all about prevention. Adding an antioxidant to your skin care regimen is crucial to fighting Father Time. We highly recommend SkinCeuticals' incredible antioxidants, Phloretin CF and C E Ferulic, which provide advanced environmental protection against damaging free radicals

The second in a video series of Silver Mirror Skin Tips.

Phloretin CF (Oily skin): https://www.silvermirror.com/product/phloretin-cf/

C E Ferulic (Dry or Sensitive skin):...

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From: Silver Mirror

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Anti Aging Experts Review | Nerium AD International

What anti-aging experts have to say about this revolutionary product, backup by real science. Nerium astonishes clinical trial researchers when testing NeriumAD. The Nerium skin care product shows great improvements in just 30 days! Nerium is a revolutionary company that offers an amazing product. Watch the video for the full insight into the science and technology behind the clinical trials for Nerium. Nerium reviews have shown that this product has changed people's lives.

For more...

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From: neriumad4u

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RegenX AD Review - Anti Aging Skin Care Remedy

Development of RegenX AD began using a challenging check out the primary concepts. The two main elements that people now see as the most effective and potent in terms of anti-aging skin care. Read more here http://skincarebeautyshop.com/regenx-ad-review/

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From: salisbury deborah

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Best Anti Aging Eye Cream | Top Anti Aging Eye Creams

Best Anti Aging Eye Cream Nerium AD! http://ourrealresults.com

This is the best anti aging eye cream on the market. We made $100 Million in the first year alone in America!

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From: Matt Fusinato

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