Naturalis Easy Mask & Easy Cream

Aloe Vera EASY MASK transfers its rich blend of natural active ingredients to all skin layers and develops an immediate and powerful anti-wrinkle effect which helps reinvigorate, hydrate and protect tired and senescent skin. EASY MASK instantly smoothes the skin surface, making it look & feel velvet-like and firmer (natural lifting effect).

Aloe Vera EASY CREAM is an extraordinary organic anti-aging cream. Thanks to its unique blend of organic active ingredients it will help your skin...

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From: AcquaEssentials

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AloeLand is the first natural cosmetic label in the world to create a potent anti-wrinkle, anti-aging cream by combining the revitalizing and regenerating properties of Aloe Vera with the powerful Botox-firming properties found only in snake venom.

Added to this blend are even more skin healing agents including the skin softening supremacy of Shea butter, and the rapid skin repair, hydration and nutrition of Rosa Mosquesta (rosehip oil), Vitamins E y C.

As with all products...

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