Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - Emu Oil ...

Other skin diseases with a tendency to scar (e.g. discoid lupus)


There is often a degree of asymmetry to the lines, as people tend to smile or frown more on one side than the other, or consistently sleep on the right or the left cheek.

Fine lines

Fine lines and wrinkles arise because of irregular thickening of the dermis and because of a decrease in the amount of water held by the epidermis. This is mainly caused by sun damage and exposure to environmental toxins such as tobacco smoke.


Deeper lines or furrows are classified as dynamic or static. Dynamic lines appear with movement i.e. the...

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Emu Oil Benefits and Why It Works - Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

Emu Oil Benefits

If you want to buy emu oil but aren't sure what the benefits are - well read on.................

This natural moisturizer has plenty of healing benefits - starting with the most important -  preventing moisture loss.

Using it daily not only protects the dermis from water loss -- but can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and heal irritation.

Keeping the dermis hydrated...

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Wrinkle Cream Reviews - Best Consumer Reviews

Product guide for wrinkle cream

Not all wrinkles are troublesome. The good wrinkles are the ones that show up when people smile. These help show a person's authentic emotions. On the other hand, there are wrinkles that start to show up as people age. These wrinkles reside on people's skin even when the muscles, especially facial muscles, are relaxed. They appear as fine lines at first but...

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