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Scientists Find 'Miracle Ingredient' In Anti-Wrinkle Creams (PICTURES)

07/03/2013 11:20

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The "miracle ingredient" boasted about in many anti-wrinkle cream adverts may have been found by scientists.

There are a myriad of creams and moisturisers for those who want to slow the ageing process and now researchers at the University of Reading have found that a chemical used in many...

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Scientists make significant anti-aging breakthrough

Scientists make significant anti-aging breakthrough

February 25, 2016

Credit: Peter Griffin/public domain

A breakthrough in understanding human skin cells offers a pathway for new anti-ageing treatments.

For the first time, scientists at Newcastle University, UK, have identified that the activity of a key metabolic enzyme found in the batteries of human skin cells declines with age.

A study,...

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Anti Aging Conference - Preventative Health Care

Peer Review Board for the BSAAM's AACL 2016

Board Members:

Dr Robert Goldman MD PhD FAASP DO FAOASM

Chairman, American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and Founding President, National (USA) Academy of Sports Medicine.

12 years experience in selecting speakers for the American Academy of Anti-Aging bi-annual conferences as well as...

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The anti-wrinkle cream that actually WORKS – find out ...

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An anti-wrinkle cream is the first in British TV history to be allowed to call itself "clinically proven" in an advert.

The miracle, anti-ageing serum from Boots is poised for a sell out after experts who advise on TV advertising, accepted scientific evidence that it...

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