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Julian M. Whitaker (born August 7, 1944) is a practitioner of alternative medicine who promotes vitamin cures and other alternative therapies through the Internet , self-published newsletters, and books. He operates the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach , California . He has a California Physician and Surgeon license, #C34663, which was originally issued on November 17, 1972. [1] He is...

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Cenegenics Cost: HGH and Anti Aging California, Los ...

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I lived all my life in Toronto Canada and now I visit Costa Rica every year during winter months. I never heard of hGH before reading about Dr. Life of Cenegenics in an airline magazine. I have had some medical problems in the past. Last year I signed up for the program at the Anti...

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Faculty : IAPAM Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

Dr. Fulton is a board-certified physician with extensive experience in aesthetic medicine. He is a fellow at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and a diplomat for the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Fulton owns and operates the very successful Skinovative of Gilbert medical spa in Gilbert, Arizona. This state of the art medical spa offers the latest aesthetic procedures,...

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tao of medicine - Santa Monica Acupuncture and Herbal ...

Weight Loss

Acupuncture in Santa Monica

Acupuncture at our Santa Monica clinic has been treating people with the conditions of pain, sports injury, migraine, fertility, hormone imbalance and digestive disorder very successfully and if you have one of these conditions or even for which you have been to many other doctors without any noticeably lasting improvements, call us and let us take care of...

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