Best Fruit Juice Recipes to Fight Aging - Natural Foods ...

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Growing old, is an irreversible process. Everyone has to go through it someday. It is suffocating to hide your age, when you have wrinkles, saggy skin and age spots which are clearly visible. Remedies for darkening the hair, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit are immense. There are hundreds of creams and facial treatments available to give you...

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Coconut Turmeric Anti-Aging Smoothie – The Chalkboard Mag

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Shannon Vaughn is a former model and the founder of one of our fave skincare innovations - so basically, we'll follow any piece of beauty advice she gives. As the boss lady behind Pursoma , a line of clay detox baths so pure you...

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3 Detox Water Recipes: Belly Slimming, Anti-Bloating ...

Because I am sooooo into detox waters right now, I knew that I had to create a bottle that would help make it easier for you to keep hydrated throughout the day. So that's how the Detox Water Bottle came to be!

Each bottle comes with a translucent matching lid and an infusion "fruit cage" where your fruits and veggies will stay.  The star shaped filter will help keep the fruit in place and it'll make...

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Quick and Easy Homemade Face Masks - Skin Care Advice That ...

1/4 cup of chopped cucumber

1/4 cup of filtered water

2 big strawberries

2 tablespoons of fresh papaya

1 tablespoon of natural honey

1 tablespoon of ground oatmeal

1 tablespoon of natural yogurt

1 teaspoon of sesame oil

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

To start, blend your cucumber and water together until you have a puree. Strain your cucumber water, pour into your small cup, and refrigerate until...

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12 Foods That Fight Signs of Aging - Anti Aging Foods ...

Blood Oranges

Block aging free radicals

Exposure to harsh elements like pollution, sun or cigarette smoke can take a toll on your skin. Enjoying an antioxidant-rich fruit like a blood orange helps your skin defend itself.

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Prevent sagging skin

Flavonoids, which help strengthen skin's connective tissue, and collagen-boosting vitamin C make fresh blackberries the perfect treat to help firm up your skin.

SOURCES: Marina Peredo, MD, dermatologist and founder, Spatique Medical Spa. David Pollock, creator, PUR...

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Acai Berry Benefits and Facts

Zola Acai

Acai Berry: What Can This Super Food Do for You?

Deep in the jungles of the Brazilian rainforests, the acai berry has been an integral part of the local diet for years. After careful study, scientists determined that these people were healthier, leaner, and looked years younger than their actual age. They did some digging to discover their secret, and soon discovered that the...

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