Wrinkles on Face & Neck? Choice of Treatments

Wrinkles On Face & Neck - Treatment Options

Starting to see wrinkles on your face or neck? Sooner or later we all do!

But it's nice to know there are lots of ways to improve the appearance of your face - ranging from simple homemade facials to non-surgical procedures to soften or even remove some wrinkles.

We're lucky to live in a time were we have a lot of choices to help minimize the appearance...

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CACI Facial - Non Surgical Facelift Review | Bellatory

CACI Facial - Non Surgical Facelift Review

Updated on September 18, 2016

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As I wrote in my article on the amazing Omnilux non-surgical face lift, I tried the CACI electronic facelifting system in my forties, and was disappointed. However, I'm now in my late fifties and the sag is...

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