10 Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets | Top 10 Home Remedies

Here are the top 10 anti-aging beauty secrets.

1. Follow a Good Skin Care Regimen

Irrespective of your age, you need to follow a good skin care regimen for healthy skin. When your skin is healthy, it will not show early signs of aging.

Cleanse your face daily with a gentle cleanser, both in the morning and at night. This will keep your skin clean, soft and free of pore-clogging debris. When...

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Kalichem s.r.l.


FUNCTION: functional ingredient with anti-pollution, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and sun filter booster activity

DESCRIPTION: Oxisol is a raw material able to counteract all risk factors involved in environmental pollution. Moreover, it has a high antioxidant capacity, able to counteract the formation of free radicals; compared to other actives...

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What Every Woman Should Know About Wrinkles!

On top of the forearms

And the good news?

You can prevent and reduce wrinkles!

Here's how:

A type of oil taken from the fruits of a tree in Morocco has such great natural anti-aging components that application of it in your skin will certifiably reduce and prevent wrinkles from appearing in your body. This oil is called the argan oil.

Argan and Anti-Aging

Believe it or not, argan oil helps to reverse the aging process...

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Anti-Aging Light Moisturizer SPF30 | Paula´s Choice

Resist Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 is a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen designed for combination to oily skin with signs of aging. Its multi-purpose formula not only protects skin from sun damage, but also fortifies it with potent antioxidants to repair and stimulate collagen production for firmer skin. You will see a more even skin color, fewer visible lines and wrinkles, and the...

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Which Strength of Retinol Do You Need?: Paula's Choice ...

Retinol is a proven anti-aging powerhouse for skin. Everyone can benefit from using it, but which strength is best for you? Paula's Choice Skincare provides all the information you need to decide which of our retinol products is best for you and how each strength can reveal the beautiful, younger-looking skin you want to see! This guide will also help you understand when and how to use any...

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Sugar and Aging: How to Fight Glycation - ELLE

Sugar and Aging: How to Fight Glycation

The relationship between sugar and fine lines can be sticky. Find out why!

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Rare is the woman who can indulge with abandon at dessert and not wonder where a little extra wobble might show up later. We all know that when it comes to our bodies,...

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Stem Cells Thailand - Stem Cell Therapy Thailand



REGENERATIVE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS (LAB RMS) is leading a re-evolution in medical break through technologies.  Under the direction and partnership with the LABDOM team research and development has certified clinically proven products for application in the clinic, spa and office setting.

Anti-Aging, Regeneration and Longevity...

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Carnosine: Exceeding Scientific Expectations – Life Extension

January 2011

By Kirk Stokel

Almost ten years ago, Life Extension速 published compelling data showing that supplementation with higher-dose carnosine induced a wide range of anti-aging effects, including marked reductions in lethal glycation reactions.

We reported on experimental findings in the 1990s demonstrating life span extending effects when carnosine was added to the diet.

Since then an...

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Glutathione is the most powerful anti-aging antioxidant to ...

autoimmune diseases

chronic illnesses

No other antioxidant is as important to overall health as glutathione. It is the regulator and regenerator of immune cells and the most valuable detoxifying agent in the human body.

Age and glutathione

There is a direct correlation with the speed of aging and the reduction of glutathione concentrations in intracellular fluids. As individuals ...

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