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What are Some Tips for Reducing Lip Wrinkles? (with pictures)

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Lip wrinkles are creases on or around the mouth that some people find to be problematic or unattractive. Caused by a variety of lifestyle and health factors, they can make the mouth appear smaller or seem to be sagging, and can make the application of makeup such as lipstick difficult. There are many treatments available to reduce or remove wrinkles...

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How Effective Is Tretinoin for Wrinkles? (with pictures)


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My sister hates this product. Apparently, it does increase collagen production and a lot of women have reported that they saw a reduction in their wrinkles. But it's just not for anyone.

My sister used it for two years and all it did was giver her acne breakouts. I don't know if she was allergic to it or if one of the other ingredients in the cream was irritating her skin, but it...

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