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Results Laser Clinic - Laser Hair Removal

As seen on a Current Affair, at Results Laser Clinic we care for our clients, which is why we use the world's most state of the art advanced machinery for effective results in laser hair removal and the treatment of acne, rosacea, broken capillaries and other skin conditions.

Did you know? Results Laser Clinic has locations nationwide

Located in Sydney City Blacktown, Burwood, Liverpool,...

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Non Surgical Face Lift - Results Laser Clinic - Laser Hair ...


Take on gravity and restore the natural beauty of your face without surgery!

If you're not ready for a surgical face lift just yet and you want to prevent skin laxity, then now you can refresh and restore your face by lifting and firming your facial skin with a non surgical face lift, leaving you look and feel youthful again!

Our non surgical face lift is a hot new trend that uses world renowned Pollagen's Trilipo Radio Frequency Technology.

The technology works by simultaneously heating the skin from within,...

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Laser Skin tightening treatments | Results Laser Clinic

Results Laser Clinic's Skin Tightening treatments are an efficient and cost effective anti-aging therapy that can be safely used on any part of your face or body. It works by emitting heat to the affected dermis causing the skin tissue to retract. This promotes new collagen production and instantly improves blood and lymphatic flow -...

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Anti Wrinkle Injections - Results Laser Clinic - Laser ...

Immediate results, but could take up to 10 days for full effect.


Reduce your Galabella known as Frown Lines

Reduce your Crow's Feet and crinkles

Reduce Perioral, Smoker's Lines and Marionette Lines

Successfully treats facial nerve paralysis

Effectively relieves migraine headaches

Effectively reduces twitching and muscle spasms in the neck and eye area

Immediate results with a more...

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Cosmetic Dermal Fillers by Results Laser Clinic | Results ...

Minimal downtime, full recovery in less than 10 days.


100% natural and chemical free

Lifts and rejuvenates aging skin

Fillers can plump up your lips, enhance cheek volume, re-shape the chin, jawline, temple, and get rid of sagging skin under the eyes

Fillers can also lift the eyes and eyebrows

Augment and reshape any of your features, while refreshing your face naturally

Restores a...

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