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Removing Makeup With Coconut Oil - My Beauty, My Skin

Removing Makeup With Coconut Oil

5 Comments Sunday o February 6, 2011 o by Gaelle

Skin care can be really simple. It is just a matter of using the right products. Natural products are packed with complex chemistry that will nurture and beautify your skin. Yet they are so simple to use. Coconut oil is a prime example:...

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Best Natural Moisturizers For Dry Skin - My Beauty, My Skin


Edelweiss helps to repair collagen to reduce lines and increase elasticity. Plus it protects from sun and free radical damage.. More ...

Oils vary a lot in quality. For instance, extra virgin olive oil contains many more times the antioxidants than are found in lesser grades of olive oil; virgin coconut oil is a much finer product than regular coconut oil, and so on, across the...

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