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Anti-Aging Skin Treatments: What Really Works?

There's no such thing as a miracle in a jar, but many of today's anti-aging products do move past the hype and turn back the clock just a smidge. And because beauty isn't only skin deep, experts point out that what we put inside our bodies counts nearly as much toward a younger look as what we slather on the outside.

Advertisements touting the benefits of age-reducing creams, lotions and other...

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The Truth About Anti-Aging Products - Live Science ...

The Truth About Anti-Aging Products

By Linda Thrasybule, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor |

November 5, 2012 10:56am ET


Credit: Skin care aisle photo via Shutterstock

From fighting those pesky free radicals, to stimulating skin's natural collagen production, anti-aging products make some alluring promises. And consumers spend billions of dollars each year on such creams and lotions, according...

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'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life - Live Science

Call it anti-anti-aging therapy. It turns out that injections of growth hormone -- a staple of anti-aging, hormone-replacement therapy -- may have the opposite effect as intended, thwarting a person's quest to live to an advanced age.

In an ongoing study of very old people, those in their 90s with naturally low levels of human growth hormone appear to have a far better chance of living into their...

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Invisible 'Second Skin' Can Smooth Out Wrinkles and Eye Bags

Invisible 'Second Skin' Can Smooth Out Wrinkles and Eye Bags

By Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, Contributing Writer |

May 9, 2016 11:40am ET


In this image, the second skin has been applied beneath the woman's right eye, but not her left.

Credit: Olivo Labs

A new, invisible "second skin" may help to restore healthy, youthful skin to older faces, according to a new study.

The artificial skin -- made of...

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Antioxidants Not the Only Key to Anti-Aging

To many people, antioxidants and anti-aging go hand-in-hand. Antioxidants, which show up in everything from dietary supplements to cosmetics, are touted as the antidote to cell-damaging free radicals and the key to long-lasting youth.

But a new study on roundworms suggests that the relationship between aging and antioxidants isn't so simple.

The research, published in June in the journal...

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Experts Frown on Botox Use by Young Adults - Live Science

Tiffany Rose Goodyear was 24 when she started getting Botox injections. She wanted to smooth the forehead wrinkles that she blamed on the habit of frequently raising her eyebrows.

The forehead lines did not make her look old, Goodyear said, and after the treatment few people besides herself noticed a difference. But at 29 she says she still uses injections, seeking to erase her existing lines and...

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