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Anti-Inflammatory Supplements: 10 That Really Work | Live ...

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Inflammation -- pain, swelling, redness and heat -- is a double-edged sword. This immunity-mediated process is crucial when you have an injury. It helps your body fight infection and clear away damaged tissue.

But inflammation can become a chronic condition if your body fails to shut off this reaction, or activates it when there is no apparent trigger. Luckily, a few...

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CoQ10 Benefits: Everything You Need to Know - Live in the Now

500-1200 mg

Why Do I Need More CoQ10 If I'm on a Statin Drug?

Statin drugs inhibit the rate-limiting enzyme of the mevalonate pathway, HMG-CoA reductase. While this is effective for reducing the amount of cholesterol your body produces, it also interrupts some of your body's natural functions. Such functions include the production of CoQ10. This dramatic drop in CoQ10 can lead to nerve damage ,...

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