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Collagen Injection Treatment for Wrinkles of Face Forehead ...

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Collagen Injections treatment in Lahore Pakistan - the savior for your skin

Embracing modernity has its pros and cons. With advancement comes great technology, and also pollution. To prevent the harmful effects of the polluted environment and the body's aging to show on your skin, the collagen injections will act as a savior for your skin The cosmetic world develops like no other,...

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Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Lahore -Acne Scars,Pimple Marks


Skin resurfacing for acne scars treatment in Lahore is performed by Paris trained and qualified Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry. Laser is used for different cosmetic surgical procedure these days. It can also help in reducing acne scars due to acne vulgaris. Scars can be result of  some disease, wound or burn,trauma or accident and surgical scars. There are different types of laser skin...

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