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Get Brown Tanning Ellerslie - Get Brown


At Get Brown we follow the Australasian guidelines for the correct administration of UV light operated sunbed tanning equipment. We are 100% licensed under the Auckland Council Health Protection Amendment Bill 2014.

We have Sun Capsule stand-up sunbed tanners for fast, effective, hygienic and all-over even tanning (no liedown sunbeds). Our...

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Red Light Therapy Collagen - Get Brown

Acne (reducing inflammation)

What do people THINK?

Tracey is 35 years old, and after having a few sporadic Red Light Therapy sessions late last year, made it her New Year's Resolution to commit to a good programme of red light rejuvenation. From January for a six week period she had red light sessions 3 times a week wherever possible, a few weeks only managing twice a week. Within 2 weeks she...

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