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Anti-Ageing Products | Anti-Wrinkle Creams | Garnier

Achieve a more youthful look with an anti-wrinkle cream from Garnier. Used daily, our anti-ageing moisturisers can reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to their firming and moisturising...

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Miracle Skin Cream | Anti-Aging Cream | Garnier

 - Vitamins B3 and B5

 - Peptides

 - Ginger extract

Invisible Micro-Capsules:

Micro-pigments are concealed within white micro-capsules which are invisible to the naked eye. When in contact with the skin, they transform releasing the micro-pigments which act as a radiance concentrate, reducing the appearance of signs of tiredness: dullness and dark circles.

Universal self-adjusting formula:

The formula has been developed to be universal, in other words to match different skin tones. Therefore in contact with the skin, the micro-capsules contained in this fresh and creamy white formula,...

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Body Lotions, Creams & Skin Moisturisers | Garnier

Body lotions, milks and creams from Garnier are formulated to help soothe, protect and restore your skin, leaving it feeling silky-smooth. Whether you're looking for an...

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All Skin Care Products | Garnier

Garnier offers women skincare solutions that safeguard the long-term health and vitality of their skin. Your skin is a reflection of your...

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