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Manuka Honey For Dogs = A+ - Dogs Naturally Magazine

Does your dog have an injury? A cut, infection or wound? Have you considered honey?

Honey has great anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, but a lot of what we find on supermarket shelves is pasteurized, robbing the honey of all its nutritional qualities. So what's a person to do?

Look no further than Manuka honey--the undisputed champion of honey.

Manuka is native to New Zealand and parts...

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Helping Allergies In Dogs With Food Energetics

By Dr Chris Bessent

The Cause of Your Dog's Allergy Symptoms

There are many pharmaceutical options on the market that promise quick results, but the ensuing side effects can be worse than the allergic condition they are intended to treat.

Dr. Bessent, founder of Herbsmith, Inc., says there is an alternative way to address problems like these. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a more natural,...

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