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Solutions Wrinkle Stop Eye - Cosmedical Solutions

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Wrinkle Stop Eye How does Wrinkle Stop Eye work? Wrinkle Stop Eye contains three extremely effective complexes that destroy wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. A POLYPEPTIDE complex (with nutritious elements derived from Colostrum*), exclusively developed by SOLUTIONS Cosmeceuticals, ensures a superior rejuvenating effect and stimulates collagen synthesis. This...

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MD Cosmedical Solutions - Solutions Wrinkle Stop Face ...

Wrinkle Stop Face Facial expressions resulting from laughter, sadness and anger create wrinkles. In addition, external factors such as UV radiation, nicotine, alcohol, stress and ozone are all major causes of aging in the skin. This has a negative effect on the skin, which is why the medical experts and cellular biologists at SOLUTIONS Cosmeceuticals have carried out extensive studies into the effect of TETRA-PEPTIDES on the factors playing a major part in the aging of the...

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