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Retin-A Micro Gel (tretinoin)

Retin-A Micro Gel Description

Retin-A Micro Gel is a medicinal drug, which contains tretinoin. Tretoinin is a topical form of Vitamin A, which has the primary purpose of helping the skin to be renewed. Retin-A Micro Gel finds use in treating acne in patients.

Retin-A Micro Gel, which contains tretinoin, is thus useful in helping the skin in various ways such as...

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Retin-A-Cream (tretinoin)

Retin-A-Cream Description

Retin-A-Cream is used as a pharmaceutical drug. Systemically it is used in the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). Topically it is used as an effective ingredient of cream and gel preparations or alcoholic solutions in the treatment of acne and other hyperkeratotic skin diseases. It is used for cosmetic purposes as well....

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