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Health Benefits of Resveratrol in Red Wine - Business Insider

A natural ingredient found in red wine, resveratrol, can help fight off diseases associated with age, a new study shows.

Researchers are studying this natural compound to help them design better anti-aging drugs.

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A startup that's developed an anti-aging supplement just ...


Elysium Health cofounders Eric Marcotulli, Dan Alminana, and Leonard Guarente. Courtesy ElysiumHealth

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Photos Of Identical Twins Show How Smoking Destroys The Face

By comparing photos of identical twins, researchers from Case Western Reserve University confirmed that smoking leads to premature aging of the face, contributing to more wrinkles, droopy skin, jowls, and under-eye bags.

For this study, 79 pairs of twins were selected between 2007 and 2010 during the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. In some sets of twins, only one smoked. If both...

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Korea Is Obsessed With Plastic Surgery - Business Insider

As technology improves, plastic surgery is getting cheaper, safer, better, and more popular around the world .

Nowhere is it catching on faster than in South Korea,...

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17 Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery Disasters ...

Most people in Hollywood--arguably the most image-conscious place on the planet--have reportedly had some nips and tucks. Even icons like Marilyn Monroe reportedly had a little work done...

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