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Bye Bye Foundation Reviews - Hello SCAM?

Bye Bye Foundation from IT Cosmetics and sold by Guthy Renker is a moisturizing cream that they insist will hydrate, protect, and make you look younger the moment you put it on. This is because they state not only does Bye Bye Foundation comes in 4 different shades and SPF 50 sunscreen, it also contains "light diffusing pigments" that blur your flaws.

What is IT Cosmetics and who is Jamie Kern...

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Vital Stem Reviews: Anti-Aging Miracle Pill or Hoax?

As you get older, are you experiencing more "brain fog"? What about decreased energy, reduced muscle mass and strength, and other common side effects of aging?

If so, Vital Stem, a powdered supplement from Live Cell Research, promises to work at the cellular level to boost the proliferation of adult stem cells, leading to protection against neurodegeneration, enhanced joint and muscle...

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