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Retinol: The secret to fighting wrinkles | Best Health ...

Source: Best Health Magazine, March/April 2009

Prescription creams containing retinoic acid, a potent derivative of vitamin A, began life about 40 years ago as a topical treatment for patients with severe acne. Then dermatologists noticed that acne wasn't the only thing they banished: Sun-induced age spots and wrinkles also faded.

That's because, as studies show, retinoic acid (also called...

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Date: 2017-02-18 01:17:08

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The Truth About Antioxidants and Your Skin | Best Health ...

Rusting iron and the browning flesh of an avocado both have something in common with the discoloration, wrinkles and fine lines of our aging skin: oxidation. Antioxidants counter this natural aging process, and that's why they have been taking top billing in skin care.

How antioxidants work

Oxidation occurs throughout nature. In the case of our skin, it is largely caused by the creation of free...

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Date: 2017-02-18 04:17:44

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9 Days to Younger, Healthier-Looking Skin | Best Health ...

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9 Days to Younger, Healthier-Looking Skin

Dr. Amy Wechsler reveals a non-invasive, inexpensive way to knock years off your appearance. The secret: learning to tackle stress.

By Best Health

photo credit: shutterstock

If it hasn't happened yet, it's coming. It's that pivotal moment when you look in the mirror and...

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Date: 2017-02-18 00:04:31

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