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Five Reasons You Should Take Collagen Everyday

Five Reasons You Should Take Collagen Everyday

December 8, 2015


Sometimes, I think our ancestors knew more about nutrition than modern day health professionals. Okay, I sort of think this constantly, especially health professionals that promote low-fat, processed foods over nourishing, traditional foods humans have been eating for thousands upon thousands of years.

Like bone broth.


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The Best Essential Oils For Acne - Ancestral Nutrition

The Best Essential Oils For Acne

May 30, 2014


If you're new to AN, you can read about my skin issues here . Basically, I started getting acne in fourth grade and it didn't stop until my early twenties when I finally figured out that acne is an internal issue, and how to properly take care of my skin externally.

When I say I had skin issues, I don't mean a few breakouts here and there. I...

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