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WRINKLE STOP EYE eye-lifting cream - solutions-cosmeceuticals


Eye-lifting cream, instant & soothing

This superior clinical cream gives you an immediate eyelift combined with intensive nutrition for the vulnerable skin around the eyes. WRINKLE STOP EYE ensures a spectacular and rejuvenated look.


- immediately smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines

- guarantees an increase of 119% in collagen

- improves the structure of the skin...

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WRINKLE STOP FACEface-lifting cream – solutions-cosmeceuticals

superior face-lifting cream, day & night

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Stop wrinkles with WRINKLE STOP FACE

When you use WRINKLE STOP FACE you will be able to considerably reduce stubborn wrinkles. This is a rich and intensive cream; with its clinical formula, it smoothes out expression lines and rejuvenates the features. The skin is strengthened so that the facial contours are better pronounced....

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