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What is a BB Cream? - Skin Care Advice and Must Have Products

What is a BB Cream?

FAQ's on BB Cream

By Jen Adkins

Updated August 22, 2016.

"BB" stands for Blemish Balm, but you don't have to have a single blemish on your skin to use and love BB creams. BB creams are great for everyone with any skin color or any skin type . Here is more on where BB creams came from, how you use them, and which ones to buy.

Where did BB Creams Originate?

BB Cream was created...

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The Benefits of Cocoa Butter For Your Skin - Style

The Benefits of Cocoa Butter For Your Skin

How This One Ingredient Can Transform Your Skin

TinaFields/E+/Getty Images

By Jen Adkins

Updated November 27, 2016.

If you're not familiar with cocoa butter the first thought you might have when hearing those words are that we must be referring to some decadent chocolate dessert but think again!   Though related to chocolate we eat in a roundabout way,...

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8 Eye Creams that Actually Work - Style

There are high-end products than can cost hundreds of dollars, and there are some low-end brands that keep the prices affordable. But do any of these creams actually work? Can they really prevent aging, help fine lines, brighten the under-eye, and hydrate? We checked with the experts: shoppers!

Below are 8 eye creams that actually work, according to paying customers just like you who took the...

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glycolic acid - Skin Care Advice and Must Have Products

Updated August 22, 2016.

We got an email from a reader named Bev who wrote in the following question:

What is glycolic acid and where can I get it? Is this something I can make up at home?

We're glad Bev wrote in because glycolic acid is a great product to incorporate into your skin care regimen and its origins are interesting. Read on to learn more about glycolic acid's skin benefits.

What is...

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How to Remove and Prevent Crow's Feet - Style

Crow's feet, wrinkles around the eyes, are a very common skin care issue that usually starts in the 30s. It can be a very annoying and even hard to treat.  Dermatologist Dr. Schultz sat down with us to talk about this skin care problem.

Dr. Neal Schultz can be seen on . If you're not familiar with him yet, you'll have to take some time to read and watch some of his skin care advice...

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Argan Oil Beauty Benefits for Face, Skin & Hair

By Jen Adkins

Updated January 09, 2017.

Within the past several years argan oil has been introduced to a global market as a beauty elixir. It's become increasingly popular and many companies are jumping on the argan oil bandwagon. If you haven't used argan oil before, you probably have a lot of questions. Everyone raves about its benefits for skin and hair, but just what are those benefits? How...

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